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Chemical Dictionary Name:luteosporin
Molecular formula :

nature : red Penicillium biverticillate fermentation of phospholipase A2 competitive inhibitors, with benzoquinone molecular structure. Black crystallization temperature> 300 ° C, was weak acid, pH 7.0 can dissolve in water. Inhibition of pig pancreatic phospholipase A2, IC50 12.8 ? mol / L, of snake venom phospholipase A2 no apparent effect. Reed Pulp Reed pulp as raw material for reeds made of pulp. Reed pulp soft, thick pine, secondary fiber length, non-fibrous cells in less than rice straw pulp. Production in general with Kraft or sulfite pulp production of the chemical, use neutral sulfite production of semi-chemical pulp. Alone or with long fiber pulp Furnish producing all kinds of printing paper, writing paper, the true colors of paper and cardboard.

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